We are a team full of ambitions, which can guarantee you a perfect quality of recruitment and staffing services covering whole Europe. Our goal – to find the right employees who will manage to adapt to the organizational culture and contribute to the goals of the organizations.

Our team

MB “Logspot” is the most convenient way to hire high-qualified professional workers. That is why you will quickly find a reliable employee for your company!

How does the process of a new employee search look like?

 Fill in the application form.

We identify Your company’s desired criteria for the future employee: competence, personal qualities. We perform the employee search according the timeframe of Your vacancies and mediate the accommodation options when needed.

Having assessed your requirements, we agree on a reward for a successful employment and sign a cooperation agreement.

After signing the contract, we carry out a detailed search of suitable candidates in our company database and review the CVs we received after placing your job position. We continue working with the most suitable candidates according to your company requirements.

We introduce a list of the most suitable candidates for you.

You select the candidates and we organize further recruitment process.

Application form

In order to find specialists under your demands, please fill in the application form. We will contact you within 24 hours.

You can add workplace photos, videos or other documents.

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. How many potential candidates will you submit for one job position?

It depends on what kind of specialist we are looking for or what is the job offer we are suggesting. However, common experience is we suggest 5 candidates for each job position.

How long does it take to find employees?

Employee search usually take from 1 to 3 weeks.

3. Are you organizing an employee's arrival?

We collaborate with carrier companies, so we can offer the employee with transportation services if needed.